The Future of the Airport | Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Research + Strategy + Future Vision for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Out Of Office delivers a study and vision of the world of the airport experience and passenger in 2025.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol aims to stay Europe’s preferred airport and that is why they came to us for inspiration and insight in the changes taking place within the context of the airport over the next years. “How will the needs of passengers in 2025, the future developments and trends impact the airport experience?” More specifically, what will be the impact on the airport experience from a way finding, walking and waiting (The New WWW) perspective?

In a report called ‘New Terminal Bliss’, a vision of the world of the airport experience and passenger in 2025, we seek to inspire ideas and stimulate action to prepare Schiphol for the changes taking place within the context of the airport. The 70- page volume is rich, visual, informative, accessible and well designed to capture and highlight emerging opportunities for the airport of the future.

We’ll erase the word “wait” from the Schiphol vocabulary. This is an easy win, because, quite frankly, people don’t wait anymore; they work, consume or are entertained.

Out Of Office

The custom researched and written interactive report and hardbound book reveals insights from over 160 influencers from the OOO Global 404 Network* with in-depth expert visions of the future of technology, sustainability, design, wayfinding and luxury within the airport of tomorrow. The insights generated by Out Of Office help identify new competitive opportunities, provide recommendations and establish a framework to be used as an inspirational starting point for further development of optimized passenger journeys. As an extra, our creative think tank provides you with a bucket of ideas and suggestions for fruitful partnership platforms and future-proof experiences and concepts for the airport of 2025.

The final project was well received by the Market Research and Intelligence department and has grown into five presentations, multiple trend workshops and the current development of extended concepts and projects.