Future of Public Lighting | IGOV innovation platform

Strategic vision & Trend study + Scenario and Activation report on public lighting in 2030 for IGOV Innovation Platform. Project commissioned by Atelier LEK

IGOV Innovation Platform represents around 160 municipalities in The Netherlands and approached Atelier LEK to develop a future vision and trend study to inspire the people working with public lighting in cities and to better understand future developments. One of the focus points was to research how the sector will define quality of public lighting in 2030 and what they can do to achieve this.

Out Of Office was asked by Atelier LEK to help them and look into developments and trends, such as the changes in energy supply, digitization and peoples attitude towards light and public lighting to name a few. After a thorough trend study, we analyzed how these developments will impact public lighting and we developed possible scenarios to fuel policy making.

The final report offered a vision of the future as well as a roadmap with steps and tools to expand the knowledge of asset managers, who are working with public lighting in municipalities. The report, OVL2030: Standardization of Flexibility can be found here (in Dutch only).