The Future Is Senior | Sonae Sierra

Ethnographic Study + Trend Research  + Customer Journeys + Persona’s + Presentation for Sonae Sierra

Out Of Office explores the future of shopping malls for the senior segment in Europe.

Sonae Sierra is an international retail real estate expert that develops and manages experience-based projects worldwide. Sonae Sierra asked Out Of Office to help better understand how the senior segment could be maximized. Starting with a well-defined working hypothesis, Out Of Office expanded and built upon this knowledge with trend research as well as an ethnographic study for a more in-depth perspective on the current segment needs and wants.

In this inspiring project, we extracted qualitative insights from our ethnographic fieldwork, by talking to over 50 (pre) – seniors in Hamburg, Berlin, Lisbon and Porto. We listened carefully to their dreams, needs and shopping habits. By using our clients given objectives and assumptions as a guideline, fueled with insights from previous research, we collectively unpacked their answers, using (service) design-thinking tools. At the same time, we looked for inspiration and performed trend research. We reached out to our 404 Network in Japan, Germany, UK, Austria/Italy, Netherlands and Denmark. At the same time we selected trend examples (and best practices in relation to the future of (shopping) experiences inside and outside the (shopping) mall of innovations that fit the target group, cross industry and cross-regions.

At the end we brought this all together in an extensive strategic qualitative study and presentation, which included customer journeys and the development of new persona’s to open up to new opportunities of this interesting group of consumers. Out Of Office got inspired by this project, as this group of people, who have an increased longevity and unprecedented financial power combined with a refusal to grow old, which makes them a force to be reckoned with!