Methodology 404: a multi-layered and multi-disciplined approach.
Within Out Of Office, we are used to think systematically about future innovations with well-developed analytical, innovation – and (service) design-thinking skills that allows us to solve problems through creative and entrepreneurial approaches. We begin the process by digging through the Internet, data, books, reports, statistics and latest developments within the focus of project. Once we’ve developed a frame of reference, we reach out to the 404 Network for qualitative insight. We then analyse the data, integrate the information and package it all in a logical, intuitive and useful format to give you the information you need.  Finally, an added layer of texture comes from our expert interviews, in which creative leaders lend their unique visions. To name a few of our selected methodologies:

  • Ethnographic research, context mapping and analysis
  • Future research: doing desk research for trend examples of innovations that fit the target group cross industry and cross-regions blog spotting, market research and tapping into the Out Of Office trend database
  • Qualitative research for consumer insights (community driven research)
  • (Semi) structured interviews with our 404 Network and experts
  • Strategic insights from our Out Of Office team
  • Street research by our 404 Network, including trend spotting
  • Service Design tools, such as touch-point analysis, service safari, customer journeys, persona – and scenario development

Network 404: our global network of experts.
Out Of Office always co-creates with a flexible network of experts: a mixed team that is talented, entrepreneurial, multi disciplinary, visual thinking and future positive thinkers and doers. We customize our team of experts suitable for your specific project, to make sure that the quality and direction of the project is guaranteed and exclusively to the client.

We used ‘404’ as an analogy to express the gap between decision makers and future users. Our methodology 404 aims to bridge this disconnect to ensure that real future value is created. We reach out to the 404 Network for qualitative insight. We will use our global 404 Network to explore specific opportunities that exist. We collaborate with them to help us define the future trends and gather insights and ideas to fuel new concepts customized and curated for the project.

*404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating
that the client was able to communicate with the server but the server could
not understand what was requested.