What we offer

We guide our clients through a systemic process of understanding and curating what is relevant now and in the future. By making this research actionable and apply it to the context, we deliver and design meaningful solutions and future-proof strategies. Services and deliverables may vary in shape and form, but will always add value. Here are some examples of what we can deliver:

  • Trend- and innovation reports and articles
  • Highly visual trend talks and walks to inspire you and your team with a future mindset and the right skillsets
  • Co-creation workshops on trends, new user segments and innovation opportunities
  • Designing future proof services and products

  • We bring in the best people for the project. Customize a team of experts suitable for that specific project.We make sure that the quality and direction of the project is guaranteed exclusively to the client.
  • We take the time to listen to our clients and understand their needs and vision, before we even start to research and tap into our network of influencers and creative experts. Our personal approach means that clients can always count on quality, an unique vision and authentic concepts with opporĀ­tunities that are applicable to your brand context.
  • We do not just recommend; we provide strategic tools and enable you to stay competitive.
  • Our 404 methodology enable us to dive deep and narrate what the consumer wants and how the consumer thinks and feels. We come up with new strategic and creative concepts that are in tune with the local fabric.
  • We deliver tailor-made solutions to make sure that it will fit your expectation and will resonate inside your organization.