Say Hello To Michell!

Michell Zappa is a technology futurist, information designer and founder of Envisioning, a technology foresight institute. Michell is born in Stockholm, raised in São Paulo. Has lived in five countries and worked in over 30. Michell cares intensely about our future and encourages people to do the same. To say the least, Michell has an impressive track record and therefore we are happy that he collaborated with us on a number of projects for Schiphol and T-Mobile!

For the work for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Out Of Office asked Michell to design a custom infographic piece to help us internalize what technology can look like in 2025. The range of implementations runs across the spectrum of technophobes (those afraid of technology) to technophiles (those who are attracted to new innovations).

Check out his website for more inspiration!