OOO Academy

We love learning!

Whether it is to organize a workshop or to be affiliated for a longer time, teaching and learning with new talent keeps me connected. We gain new insights from young people that are eager to challenge what there is to know. From the Elisava School of Design in Barcelona, to the Technical University, Design for Intelligent Systems in Eindhoven, or as part of the Service Design Lab at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. For example, educational projects we have been involved in are:

Service Design – the University of Industrial Design Eindhoven (NL) Coaching students to develop service design concepts

Trend Lab at Elisava Design School (Barcelona) Delivering innovation courses and workshops for international students.

Retail Master Classes at Elisava Design School (Barcelona) Trend lectures and future thinking on retail experiences.

Minor Global Trendwatching at University of Amsterdam (NL) Translating trends to brand strategy

Service Design Lab at Aalborg university: coaching master students and developing various workshops for students as part of the curriculum. For example, a workshop for ‚Äútrends and futures in practice” to help student with tools and approaches for working with nearby futures and scenarios to stay resilient and workshop focused on circular economy and design.